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RF Mini Grizzly Clone 50cc Kids ATV

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Mini Grizzly, 50cc ATV, 2 Stroke, Kids ATV

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RF Mini-Grizzly 50cc comes with many safety and great features:

1. KILLSWITCH WITH PULL STRAP (This will prevent ATV dragging the rider in case the rider fall off from the ATV)

2. Speed Limiter (Allows to set the throttle push percentage which can limit the top speed for training purposes to less than 5MPH)

3. Coil Adjustable Front Suspension (Adjustable front suspension allow you to have custom settings for different riding condition)

4. Independent front disc brake with drilled disc (Two front disc brake for left and right wheel with high stopping power)

5. Batteryless (Easy Pull Start to eliminate the need for battery so you do not have to worry about battery maintenance)

Why buy a 2 stroke ATV

Two-stroke ATVs are some of the coolest vehicles available for those who are seeking dirt bikes. They are fast, sturdy, and bad ass which makes it a little more exciting for men who are adrenaline junkies and for those who want to impress as well. Here in Outdoor Warrior.

What makes the two-stroke ATV different from the rest of the ATV is its weight. Because the engine is very simple, the weight is relatively light compared to its four-stroke counterpart. Handling dirt bikes with this almost ‘lightweight’ engine is a breeze which is sometimes evidently shown in races. When you see a fallen rider struggle to keep the bike upright, you’d probably guess it’s definitely not the two-stroke.

The engine of a 2 stroke ATV works in ‘stroke’, which is made up of Intake, Compression, Combustion, and Exhaust. When it starts to power up, the engine will move the piston up and down only 1 time. Compared to its four-stroke counterpart which moves 2 times, you get more power and performance- that is considering they are using the same size cylinder.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair | A 2 Stroke ATV Is Better Than A 4 Stroke ATV; Here’s Why

When it comes to repairing, the 2 stroke ATV and its engine is the easiest and simplest bike to wrench on. In fact, anyone can learn the mechanics of how an engine works with just this bike. Pretty smart, right? But don’t confuse it with its modesty for its power through. As stated above, it can be as powerful as a gusty, strong wind making it a popular choice among ATV enthusiasts.  The 2 stroke ATV does, however, require maintenance more often. If you want to do a do-it-yourself maintenance, the parts are reasonably priced and will cost less versus a professional mechanic.

The 2 stroke ATV is a vehicle that you still cannot miss to have unlatched in your truck gate. It has a great engine and motor performance at a very reasonable price. It’s perfect for those who seek adrenaline rush while still on a budget.


The Mini Grizzly 50cc Kids ATV comes with 70% assembled package, you will need to install the following items: Wheels Mount, Muffler Mount, Engine Mount, Tie Rod, Front Caliper, Chain and Chain Tension. 

(If you plan to DIY, instruction does come with the package and we do also offer Ready to Ride Package for your convenience)


The standard 70% assembled package comes with 2 boxes each will have its own tracking number when ship out, please expect to receive 2 packages. For Ready to Ride Package it will come in 1 box and ready to ride out of the box.

  • Front Independent Drilled Disc Brake
  • Front Coil Adjustable Shock
  • Adjustable Tie Rod
  • 50cc Engine Pull Start Lever
  • Left Side Kill Switch with Strap
  • Right Side Thumb Throttle
  • Right Side Speed Limiter
  • Front Carrier Rack
  • Rear Coil Adjustable Shock
  • Rear Center Drilled Disc Brake 
Shipping Rate 149.9500
Assembly 70% Assembled (Installation require on varies bolt-on items)
Engine Air cooled,Single cylinder,2 Stroke
Engine Type (ml) 49
Starter Pull Start
Transmission Chain Drive
Driving wheel Rear Wheel Drive
Max Power 4.9hp@7500
Max Speed (MPH) Est 21
Cooling System Air Cooled
Controls Kill Switch with Strap
Kill switch Yes
Speed limiter Yes
Fuel Type Gas
Fuel Capacity (Gal) 0.85
Frame High Strength Steel
Ground Clearance (inch) 3.15
Wheelbase (inch) 27.55
Brakes Front Disc
Brakes Rear Disc
Tires Front 4.10-6
Tires Rear 13*5.00-6
Front Suspension Single A-arm with Coil Over Shock
Rear Suspension Coil Over Shock
Wheel Size 6inch
Weight Capacity (lbs) 185
N.W. (lbs) 82.67
G.W. (lbs) 103.61
Overall Length (inch) 42.52
Overall Width (inch) 25.59
Overall Height (inch) 26.38
Seat Height: (inch) 19.29
Owner's Manual Yes
Tools Kit Yes
CARB Approved No
MCO(Title) No
Low Price Guarantee Yes

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A: This means the package is a factory package which require assembly and fine tune (vary by models). If you are not a mechanic yourself, we strongly suggest you to take our PRO Fully Assembled with Ride Test Package.

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