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How to start a live tech support with video feed?

  1. Download app WeChat from the APP Store/ Google Play Store/ Microsoft Store and follow the instruction to create an account
  2. Log in WeChat and tap on the + sign on the upper right-hand corner. (see picture)
  3. Select Add Contacts
  4. At the top search bar type "redfoxpowersports" and select to continue
  5. Tap on Send Message to start Chatting with tech support
  6. You can chat by type, live voice record or send Image, Video on it

You can also find using the QR Code below once you have installed the APP

For all phone technical support appointment, our tech support team will contact customer on the range of the hours customer provided. In case the call was miss, our tech support team will continue trying to call for 2 more days before close the appointment. Customer can reschedule another appointment afterwards. If you need to send video or image to tech support, please use the live tech support with video feed function, you can find the instruction information below on this page.

Technical Support