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Motorcycle FAQ

Common Quesiton About Purchasing a Motorcycle

1. What does it mean when the MPH is decided on weight an road conditions, what weight will slow down my bike?

A: Weight will affect your MPH because the weight will affect the output power. For example, if a person weights 150lb versus a person weights 250lb, the person weights 150lb will have faster pickup speed and also may affect top end MPH.

A: All states requirement are little different but most don't require a license to operate. To get the most current updated information, please visit here to check your current state law.

A: Please refer to your state local law for minimum riding age here. If you can't find it online then it's best to contact your local DMV by phone to check.

A: Our 250cc motorcycle comes with manual choke lever which can use to warm up the bike to start if the weather is cold. But you can always to purchase extra cold start kit too.

A: The shift pattern is 1N2345

A: Yes, starting from April 2018, we will have variety of paint color in stock

A: All Motorcycle 50cc, 150cc, 250cc, 300cc can use regular conventional oil 10W-30, you can choose to your a little thicker oil in the winter time such as 5W-30.

A: All Motorcycle 50cc, 150cc 250cc, 300cc use regular unleaded gas, prefer 87 or 89