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Registration Document Instruction

1. The official registration document is a brown color and printed on cash paper with signature in front and back. You might receive a certificate of ownership which color is blue, that is not the registration document, and you will only need to bring the brown color MSO and bill of sale to your local DMV to get it register.

2. All vehicle Owner will have to fill out the true register’s information on the bill of sale yourself. This is to ensure the true registered person’s correct information.

3. Depending on different state’s requirements, some may require the registration document to be notarized. If apply, please contact customer service by filling out the form online at
(additional fee may apply)

4.All ON-ROAD vehicles such as Scooter/Motorcycle/Trike’s registration documents are free with purchase. If you do need a replacement for any reason, please fill out the form online at
(additional fee may apply)

5.For all OFF-ROAD vehicles such as ATV/DIRT BIKE/Gokart’s registration document can be requested thru the form online at