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Scooter FAQ

Common Quesiton About Purchasing a Scooter

1. What does it mean when the MPH is decided on weight an road conditions, what weight will slow down my bike?

A: Weight will affect your MPH because the weight will affect the output power. For example, if a person weights 150lb versus a person weights 250lb, the person weights 150lb will have faster pickup speed and also may affect top end MPH.

A: All states requirement are little different but most don't require a license to operate. To get the most current updated information, please visit here to check your current state law.

A: Please refer to your state local law for minimum riding age here. If you can't find it online then it's best to contact your local DMV by phone to check.

A: Yes, starting from April 2018, we will have variety of paint color in stock

A: You can contact us either by phone, live chat or email to confirm the availability before you place the order.

A: All scooter 50cc, 150cc, 250cc, 300cc can use regular conventional oil 10W-30, you can choose to your a little thicker oil in the winter time such as 5W-30.

A: All scooter 50cc, 150cc 250cc, 300cc use regular unleaded gas, prefer 87 or 89