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Scooters Common Questions

1. What would my monthly payments be for this scooter? I see it say $180 up front. But how much for a month? And does it help my credit?

A: If you plan on putting the order on layaway than you will have to put down a up front down payment and the payment is vary by models, the monthly payment is at your choice, you can pay any amount monthly and you will have up to 12 months to pay it off.

A: Once your order has been shipped it will be take about 5-7 business days to arrive to final destination terminal and from there the freight carrier customer service will contact you schedule a delivery, please keep it mind, they must talk to you on the phone to schedule delivery before they will delivery to you.

A: The layaway plan detail can be found here layaway

A: Yes, it can. But it will require more authorization procedure for security purpose. You will have to sign a release form in order for us to ship the bike to a bike shop of your choice.

A: We Delivery straight to your home address, as for support you can always contact us and we have support team stand by daily to service our clients.

A: Depending on the engine size you are looking for, for IL DMV they require motorcycle license for 150cc engine and up, but always do double check with local DMV for most updated information.

A: Usually it will require, but there is few state that don’t, please double check with your local DMV

A: Yes, it does come with owner’s manual

A: This is a pretty big questions, first we have to start with couple of questions such as do you have a motorcycle license? Are you using scooter for Daily driven to save money on Gas or because you driver license is revoked and short commute distance than the answer is 50cc Scooter is your best choice because 50cc scooter can be operate without license in many state (please comply with your local DMV before purchase) and can go up to as much as about 115+MPG (mile per gallon). But if your situation is different than stated above and are wanting to have it as a weekend ride or want to enjoy the speed rush than we will suggest you to looking it to the 150cc, 250cc or 300cc category which offers much bigger engine and horse power. The 250cc and 300cc is even highway legal which means you can ride on any highway.

A: Most gas tank is located at a visible area that you can see from outside of the bike, but if you don’t see it, then it is most likely located underneath the seat.

A: Each different Scooter holds different weight; you can find this spec under the specifications for each Scooter on the product page.

A: Net weight is the actual weight of the Scooter and Gross weight he gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), or gross vehicle mass (GVM) is the maximum operating weight/mass of a vehicle as specified by the manufacturer including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and cargo but excluding that of any trailers.

A: Most Scooter come with CVT Transmission which are fully automatic and twist throttle and go. So there is not shifting gear involve.

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