Do you love go-kart races but wish a track would allow you to bring your own specially designed kart? Known as the first true go-karting track in the state of Texas, Dallas Karting Complex has exactly what true go-kart fanatics expect from a track, and more. Here are five reasons to check out this sweet set of kart tracks.

17-Turn Challenging Track

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Within Dallas Karting Complex's revolutionary 25-acre race facility, drivers can test their mettle on a 0.8-mile race track. Not only is this track impressively long, but it challenges drivers with 17 sharp turns on each loop. One race typically takes about ten minutes, which feels much longer time in the heat of the moment.

Compared to the mostly straight and significantly shorter go-kart tracks seen at the typical theme park or fair, Dallas Karting Complex doesn't mess around. Give this place a shot if you want a real track experience, one that gets your blood pumping and lets expert drivers test and display their skills.

Bring Your Own Go-Kart

Let's say you want to bring your own souped-up 200cc go-kart and see what it's really capable of on a challenging track. This is totally allowed when you visit Dallas Karting Complex. Many drivers like the chance to race with their own kart, which they are used to driving and have likely modified for extra power and desirable specs. Not to mention that bringing your own kart saves you from paying rental fees. With a small entry fee and you'll be on the track in no time!

SODI Series

The SODI Series is the biggest international go-kart racing competition in the world. Drivers compete on official tracks using the same standardized go-kart design, with a bracket that ends with an international champion. Some rental kart league SODI Series races will be taking place in Dallas Karting Complex throughout 2019, including:

  • Race 1 on March 8.
  • Race 2 on April 12.
  • Race 3 on May 10.
  • Race 4 on June 7.
  • Race 5 on July 12.
  • Race 6 on August 16.
  • Race 7 on September 20.
  • Race 8 on October 11.
  • Race 9 on November 8.
  • Race 10 (Finals) on December 6.

With each race and its eliminations, better and better contestants will face off at Dallas Karting Complex. Be sure to mark some of these races on your calendar if you're into the champion go-karting scene.

Normal and Shifter Karts

Don't have a fast go-kart of your own to test out on the track? You aren't necessarily forced to use one of their basic rentable go-karts. For drivers who care about speed and maximum thrills, Dallas Karting Complex also rents out a series of increasingly powerful and fast shifter karts. These go-karts have fully-functioning manual transmissions to gear up their much stronger engines.

To begin, just ask the folks at the complex if you can use one of their shifter karts. For safety reasons, you'll have to prove yourself to upgrade to the subsequently more powerful karts, one after the other.

The staff will set you up with their direct drive two-speeder for rent at first, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour. If you run a qualifying time on the track of 73 seconds or less, you can switch to the 70 mph kart. After renting and using this kart successfully (there is no time requirement for the track, you just need to show competence), you can qualify for the ultimate DD2 shifter kart, which reaches top speeds over 80 miles per hour.

Are super-fast shifter karts not exactly what you're looking for? No worries! Dallas Karting Complex rents out a variety of non-shifter karts suited for age eight to adults. All you need is a pair of closed-toe shoes and you're ready to go.

Birthday Promotions

Do you have a kid who loves go-karts with a birthday coming up? Dallas Karting Complex offers a birthday package that includes a free race and a coupon for one of the various special package offers, which rotate and change with each month. You never know what'll be available, so make sure to check in and see what you can get with your coupon once a month.

Dallas Karting Complex goes beyond just offering a fun go-kart track by also offering enthusiasts and expert drivers a place to see true karting competitions. Whether you're looking for a fun track to test out your own go-kart, a neat way of racing with the kids, or even a cool race to watch on a free weekday, you won't regret a trip to this authentic racetrack.