Tennessee is a state known for many things. But did you know it's also home to some pretty spectacular waterfalls? No matter what your reason is for visiting the Volunteer State, make room in your schedule to see some of these natural beauties. Here are six of the most amazing waterfalls in Tennessee.

Cane Creek Cascades

cane creek cascades

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Cane Creek Cascades are easy to find within Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, Tennessee. They sit behind the nature center in the park and are the smaller version of the Cane Creek Falls downstream. When you arrive at the Cascades, you can climb them or simply stand underneath them. There's also a suspension bridge going across the cascades. When you cross to the other side, the bridge leads you to trails that go to Fall Creek Falls. You can also look just around the corner and see the Cane Creek Falls from where you stand.

Carmac Falls

The Carmac Falls sits on the property of the Evin Mills Resort, which means you can only access them as a guest of the resort. Evins Mill typically only caters to people staying overnight or event attendees on the property. But since they also host a popular landmark, the public can visit Carmac Falls by calling ahead and making reservations for a sack lunch. The meal costs $20-$25 and grants access to the trails and the falls. You'll hike for about half a mile from the parking lot through the trails to reach the falls. Ropes are there to help guests get down to the falls. Visits there are often quiet since not everyone is willing to pay $20 to visit.

Conasauga Falls

Conasauga Falls in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, is not far from the cities of Knoxville or Chattanooga. It takes just under two miles of hiking to reach the falls. They are accessible via a trail on the left from the parking area. Simply follow the trail straight to the falls. Once you arrive, it's a 400-foot walk down to actually get to the falls. If you plan on taking photographs, time your visit accordingly as sunlight impacts them during certain parts of the day. Being mindful of when you visit is important because the hike back typically takes longer since the trail is an uphill climb. But it's worth taking the trip to see these falls.

Machine Falls

Machine Falls in Tullahoma, Tennessee, is one hour outside of Nashville. It sits on a circular trail just over one and a half miles long. The hike is more difficult than some of the others on the list because you walk down a short and steep path to get to the falls. Not a lot of people walk along the trail. However, if you visit Machine Falls on the weekend, others will likely be there too. From this point, it's only just over a mile if you want to see Bugsby Falls too. Take the Bobo Creek trail to get there and if you have time, follow the Laurel Creek Trail on the way back. These two trails have pretty sights to take in, and they're great for walking dogs.

Falls of Jericho

You'll find the Falls of Jericho on the border between Tennessee and Alabama. Legend has it that the famous Davy Crockett used the falls as his hunting grounds. It sits on almost 9,000 acres of property full of hiking and horse trails. If you visit the Falls of Jericho, bring plenty of snacks and water in your day pack. It takes 3.5 miles just to get there, and the hike back is mostly uphill. But it's worth spending the day to see the falls.

Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls is a very short walk from the road in the Columbia-Centerville area of Tennessee. Just walk down a short 900-foot concrete trail to reach the falls. They're cascading falls. In addition to enjoying this beautiful sight, you can also take advantage of hiking trails and even picnic in the area if you're on a day trip or a road trip. The Duck River and the Baker Bluff Overview are nearby. Tennessee is full of hidden treasures. But none are quite as beautiful as the state's waterfalls. This list is just a handful of beautiful places to go. Whether you want to hike to the falls and make a day of it, take photos, or just have a picnic and enjoy the view, make time to see one of these beautiful natural wonders.

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