When you think of dirt bike riders, you probably think of helmets, gear, whips, flips, and dirt (of course). Dirt riding is not all about thrill-seeking. It is a sport the entire family can enjoy. There are also unique benefits to riding:

  • It improves physical and mental health.
  • Its intensity allows you to blow off steam.
  • It's a great family bonding activity.
  • It's empowering and builds confidence.
  • It improves your riding skills.

Because dirt riding is an off-road sport, it also provides beautiful scenery and is usually held in places that offer other fun family activities. Here are five sites you and your family can enjoy the dirt riding thrills with a scenic backdrop.

Glen Helen Raceway

Glen Helen Race is a place where avid dirt bike riders go to have some serious fun. Located in Devore, north of San Bernardino, Glen Helen is known for its fans, quality racing, entertainment, and excitement. The 256-acre facility is in a rural area located against a beautiful mountainside. If you like practice time, then you will love Glen Helen. You can practice all day from morning to dusk on Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Make practice day a family day — spectators do not pay an entry fee. Other fantastic things about this fabulous arena include:

  • Hosting nationally recognized riding events.
  • Weekly riding activities, including amateur events.
  • Ability to camp overnight before race events — build a campfire and bring your dog along.

Glen Helen Raceway is more than its events; it's an experience.

The Dragon/Tail of the Dragon

carnegie state vehicular recreation area

Image via Flickr by Ngarkat

Carnegie SVRA is a family's riding dream. Managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, this 1,300-acre riding ground offers a variety of terrain and tracks for all skill levels. The beautiful grounds and friendly staff enhances the entire experience. Small children can have just as much fun as Mom and Dad. They have a track designated for young riders so that they can practice improving their skills in a safe area.

If you need parts and accessories for your dirt bike, the park has a store on the premises for your convenience. In addition to the parts, you can buy apparel, safety equipment, and food. End your day camping overnight under the stars. This is undoubtedly a dirt biking adventure that would never bore your family.

Milestone MX Park

Pack the dog, kids, dirt bikes, , and camping gear and head to Milestone MX Park located in Riverdale, CA. The family-like atmosphere is evident from the minute you set foot on the park grounds. Staff members are very attentive to the guests and the grounds. The tracks are superbly maintained.

The park features six tracks, including one dedicated to young riders and another one for beginners. It also has a track exclusively for bike riders with advanced skills. If you ride more than twice a month, take advantage of their monthly unlimited ride pass. The park is a one-stop shop to ride, compete, and have a fun time with family and friends.

Cajon Pass (Junction)

Though it is not a vast area, everyone can find something to do at Cajon Pass Junction. There are riding trails for everyone — kids, beginners, experts, and those somewhere in between. Its natural turf includes rocky areas, hills, and ruts for those with advanced skills. Conversely, some areas cater to those looking for a more straightforward or more leisurely ride. This terrain is also very scenic and beautiful with many trails.

Because of its economical pricing, you can choose to either buy a day pass for $5 or a yearly pass for only $30. This area will make you feel one with nature each time you ride.

Chappie/Shasta Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area

With more than 250 miles in roads and trails, the Chappie/Shasta Vehicle Recreation Area (VRA) attracts all sorts of dirt bike riders — from novice riders to daredevil thrill seekers. The well-kept grounds and friendly hosts make it a perfect place to ride during the day and camp out at night. The mountain riding at various elevations enhances the beautiful scenery this terrain displays. Don't be surprised if you see wildlife such as a beautiful bald eagle soaring about the VRA grounds. Dirt bike riding is thrilling and fun, can be a bonding experience, and is great for your health. Some parks require permits and proper gear. When you load up the bikes, make sure you have your safety gear as well so you can minimize injury and continue to enjoy the riding thrill for a long time.

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