While we know all about the benefits of biking (e.g., good cardiovascular exercise, a more eco-friendly mode of transportation, etc.), we are starting to learn more about the benefits of go karting as this pasttime becomes more popular. Go-kart riding is a fun activity that nearly everyone in the family can enjoy, and it's an exciting way to achieve a variety of terrific health benefits. 

Go Kart Riding

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Improve Your Reflexes

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Go-kart driving requires dexterity and razor-sharp focus. Go-kart tracks are an unpredictable maze of twists, turns, and straightaways that make for a lively driving experience. Maneuvering across these tracks during a race without crashing or losing control helps you build valuable reflexes that can be used in many other endeavors. 

Relieve Stress

While zooming vehicles and roaring engines may not sound relaxing, go karting can actually be a good way to relieve stress. Taking a break from the stressful activities of daily life can positively impact your health by lowering your blood pressure. Let your kart race instead of your mind. 

Go karting is one of those rare activities that everyone in the family can agree on. Lower the intensity dial for a relaxing day and take your family go karting for a fun-filled activity. At work, suggest taking the office to a go-kart track for a team-building activity. This can strengthen coworkers' relationships and lead to a healthier, more productive, and less stressful work environment. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, and this won't be in short supply during a fun and active go-kart outing. 

Build Stamina and Strength

Getting behind the wheel of a go kart for the first time can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you don't yet have experience driving an automobile. But once you get the hang of it, and even win a race or two, you will see a marked increase in your stamina and strength. Driving a go kart requires considerable arm strength; you'll quickly see the fruits of your labors in the form of larger biceps and triceps. 

As you become stronger, you will be able to drive for longer, offering a meaningful gain to your efforts. This will result in a domino effect, as stronger drivers become more successful drivers. Though winning isn't everything, it sure does feel good!

Boost Adrenaline

Adrenaline plays an important role in our health. Exciting events will cause our blood to start pumping and cause us to consume more oxygen. While you're waiting for the green light at the start line of a go-kart race, the excitement and thrill sharpens your senses and makes you feel more alert. By boosting your energy levels and improving your memory, the adrenaline released from an energetic go-kart race can help improve your health. In addition, it can result in meaningful improvements to your ability to concentrate. 

If you suggest a family or office go-kart outing, you'll likely receive a resounding "yes!" Little are they aware of the health benefits that they'll enjoy from partaking in such a fun activity. Off to the races!

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