Merely mention go karting and you'll see your child's eyes widen and an enormous grin come over their face. Merely mention go karting and you'll see your child's eyes widen and an enormous grin come over their face.

If your little one is excited to get out on the track and start racing, you should take time to learn about go-kart gear, techniques, and safety. Let's discuss some easy and practical tips to make your child a responsible, safe, and happy go-kart driver.


kids riding go kart

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A helmet must be worn whenever anyone, adult or child, drives or rides in a go kart. A collision that results in an impact to the head can be deadly. Regardless of whether your child is riding on a track, around the neighborhood, or in the backyard, make sure that they are wearing a helmet that fits them well. 

Teach your child that riding without a helmet is not acceptable. You want them to make it a habit to put it on whenever they hit the track. If your child has long hair, always tie it back in a braid or tuck it under the helmet. Loose hair can interfere with their sight if it gets in their eyes, and long hair can even get stuck in the go kart's mechanisms. 

Proper Clothing

Before your child gets into a motorized vehicle, make sure to check their clothing. Loose clothing can get caught in the wheels or gears of the go kart and cause serious injury. Make sure that they are wearing tight-fitting clothes so that the fabric cannot get caught in any of the mechanisms. In addition, children should wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts; in the case of an accident, long clothing will provide an extra layer of protection in the event of an accident. 

Safety Harnesses

Just as everyone buckles up when in a car, they must wear safety harnesses when riding in a go kart. If you are purchasing a used go kart, make sure that the safety harness has not been removed or damaged.


Safety harnesses with more connection points provide better protection. A three-point harness is more protective than a simple lap belt. A five-point restraint is the best option available and offers the most protection in an accident or collision.

Go Slow

Anyone, child or adult, will be tempted to put the pedal to the metal when they get behind the wheel of a motorized recreational vehicle. However, as with automobiles, the chances that an accident will happen increase dramatically when go karts are driven at higher speeds. 

Talk with your child about taking it slow, especially if they're new to the activity. They may want to race with other kids and enjoy some healthy competition, but they should start racing only after they have taken driving lessons with a professional instructor. 

Go karting is an exhilarating, fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. While it is, for the most part, a safe sport, accidents can and do happen. Prevent accidents by driving cautiously, following instructions, wearing the appropriate clothing, and using safety accessories, especially helmets and safety harnesses. See you at the track!

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