An ATV gives you quite a rush because it packs a great deal of power and can go virtually anywhere. Besides being a great recreational vehicle, it can also take on many other roles, including transporting materials, snowplowing, winching, and much more. Currently, most of the ATVs on the market are well-built with robust body structures and reliable engines. Nonetheless, you must do certain things to get your ATV to function optimally. Here's how to get the most out of your ATV.

Break in Your ATV Properly

How to Get the Most out of Your ATV

Image via Flickr by Sandra Foyt

If your ATV is new, be sure to follow the break-in procedure that's specified in the owner's manual. You can't just start pushing the limits of your vehicle's capability the moment you get it home from the dealership. If you do that, you'll soon be returning it and complaining of malfunction. Breaking in your ATV properly enables the different parts of the vehicle to loosen up and lubricate sufficiently. When this process is done well, you can confidently spin doughnuts or sprint at top speed on rugged off-road terrain all day long without worry.

Keep Changing the Air Filter

Another thing you can do to keep your ATV's engine delivering peak output is to change its air filter on a regular basis. As in other types of vehicles, a clogged air filter limits the amount of oxygen that enters the engine, resulting in poorer performance and increased fuel consumption. Dirt, twigs, rocks, and even bugs can clog the air filter in your ATV, so you ought to inspect the component often if you tend to do a lot of off-road driving.

Use the Right Tires

You should also make sure that your ATV has the right type of tires. Having the correct tires enables the vehicle to perform at its best in the given driving conditions. For example, if you intend to use your ATV for motocross racing, you need to get race tires that are made of a harder rubber compound and have a shorter tread depth. Using mud or snow tires for motocross duty will frustrate you to no end, since they won't give your ATV the kind of traction it needs to compete effectively.

Get High-Quality Oil and Keep Checking It

Make it a point to get the right engine oil type for your ATV, as this can affect its overall performance. ATV engines are more sensitive than the engines of cars, SUVs, or trucks. To be safe, you need to ensure that you only use engine oil that's recommended by your manufacturer. In addition, you should check the engine oil frequently and change it whenever necessary to get rid of residue, impurities, and deposits. This will keep your ATV's engine running optimally.

Besides keeping your ATV in tip-top condition, you should also employ the right driving habits. When you consistently drive your vehicle aggressively, you can't expect to keep getting the best out of it. Proper care and maintenance will guarantee that your ATV serves you well for many years.