If you intend to do more sightseeing and outdoor exploration this year, you can't go wrong with a good motorcycle. The thrill of riding a motorcycle is like no other, as it allows you to get a 360-degree view of your surroundings. It also enables you to explore trails and pathways that cars or other vehicles can't access. There's almost no limit to where you can go with one of these bikes. With that in mind, here are four Red Fox motorcycles that can help you kick-start your new year with a blast.

1. The DF250RTS 250cc Street Bike

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The DF250RTS 250cc Street Bike offers what most sport-bike enthusiasts are looking for at a fraction of the price of a similar Honda model. It looks quite sporty with its athletic stance, chiseled and aggressive front fascia, smoked blinkers, performance-inspired digital gauge, and large 17-inch two-tone aluminum wheels. For propulsion, this bike features a potent 229.2cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that pairs with a wide-ratio five-speed transmission. It also has a high-capacity starter motor that uses a compact, high-output battery. Therefore, you can expect to always get quick, reliable starts.

2. The DF250RTG 250cc Retro Street Bike

If you have a thing for classic motorcycles, you can opt for the DF250RTG 250cc Retro Street Bike. This motorcycle is just as at home on the freeway as it is on unbeaten off-road paths. It comes equipped with a compact 229.2cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, as well as a five-speed clutch system and chain drive system. It also has a high-quality coil-over-shock rear suspension that provides a well-cushioned ride in almost any situation. Plus, it features large 18-inch retro wheels that deliver excellent traction on all types of roads.

3. The DF250RTR 250cc Retro Harley-Style Street Bike

The DF250RTR 250cc Retro Harley-Style Street Bike is specially built for true Harley-Davidson bike fans. It's beefy, muscular, and retro-styled just like most Harley-Davidson bikes. It's also fitted with a 223cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that's both powerful and fuel-efficient. Plus, it offers a cozy ride thanks to its comfort-tuned suspension system, well-cushioned seat pad, and dual muffler system that reduces noise and exhaust resistance. It's an ideal bike for both commuting in town and cruising on the highway.

4. The DF250RTF Chopper-Style Street Bike

If you've ever had the desire to ride a chopper, you can now do so without having to break the bank thanks to the DF250RTF Chopper-Style Street Bike. This motorcycle is a good choice for both novice and seasoned riders, as its 229.2cc four-stroke engine is sufficiently potent for most riding situations but not too powerful for beginners. It also comes with a unique design, which includes an extended front wheel, stout and wide rear wheel, demon-tail styling, and handlebars that slant backward.

Red Fox motorcycles don't need to stem from a world-famous marque to be well-built, highly capable, and reliable. In fact, they come with a warranty that lasts for up to 12 months. If you're looking for a bike that offers great value for the money, Red Fox motorcycles are an excellent choice.