A day of hard riding on the trails or track is always a blast, but it's rough on your riding gear. It gets splattered with mud and covered with dirt, sweat, and bacteria. The clothes of a transient person may smell better than all of your riding gear, especially, after a hard day of riding. Fortunately, your gear is made for washing and cleansing, so it's not too difficult, but it does take time. Proper cleaning means it will last longer and smell better.

Riding gear includes anything you typically wear when you go riding. This includes your gloves, pants, jersey, goggles, helmet, undergarments, socks, and boots. They all need to be thoroughly cleaned before you put them on again for your next ride. Here are three easy care tips for taking care of your riding gear.


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Your helmet is the most vital part of your riding gear, and many times we forget that it needs care and cleaning. Most riders often hose off their helmets after riding but forget about cleaning the inside and liner. The liner usually gets covered in sweat and will start to stink and deteriorate if you don't wash it often. So, first, remove the liner from the helmet. Use a mild detergent and wash it by hand in the sink. Then, hang it up to thoroughly air dry. Also, wash the inside and outside of your helmet with soapy water. You might want to wax your helmet too. Just like waxing your car, it adds an extra layer of protection and keeps it looking good for years to come. Buy a new helmet from redfoxpowersports

Jersey and Pants

First, hose everything off to remove the mud splatters and hard dirt. Your riding clothes probably consist of a blend of both natural and synthetic fabrics, but most likely contain polyester and perhaps some vinyl to make them stretchy. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tag before washing anything. Most jerseys and pants can be washed in a regular washing machine with your everyday clothes. Again, follow the instructions on the labels for drying. Some are probably fine in the clothes dryer, but some manufacturers recommend that they should be hung up to dry instead. Hanging them to dry minimizes the risk of fading, deterioration, or shrinking.

Miscellaneous Gear

Most additional riding gear, such as your goggles or knee braces, are relatively easy to clean. Typically, a simple hose down or soaking does the job. Use a little mild detergent then dunk, soak, and scrub your gear until clean. Anything else made of fabric, like your socks or long underwear, can probably be tossed in the washing machine, but always read the tags first. Your gear is expensive, and a serious investment, so always use caution. Cleaning riding gear is much easier and faster than getting ready to ride, but when you're tired from a long day of riding it's easy to put it off. Try to resist that temptation and just get it over with before you forget. By doing so, you will save money in the long run. check out our powersports accessories collection

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