Like any typical maintenance issue, you have three choices: ignore it, take it to a repair shop, or fix it yourself. Obviously, the first option really isn't an option, so let's move onto the others. Getting professional help is always a good idea, but you might be able to fix it yourself. Here are some things you should know about taking care of your moped's air filter.

How to Locate It

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The first thing you should do is pull off the road and to a safe location. Never put yourself at risk by staying in a place that isn't safe. If that means you need to abandon your scooter until daylight or whenever you can get help, so be it. Next, find your owner's manual, or do some research online to locate your air filter. Typically, it's situated near the rear of your moped. Next, remove the housing, or cover, so you can get a good look at it.

Clean It

Once you get the casing off, you'll see something that looks like a sponge. It is normally gray or black, but it depends on your brand and model of moped. Take the sponge out and look it over carefully. If it's still in one piece,  you can probably clean it.

Use regular hand cleaner and some warm water to rinse the sponge out several times. Make sure you get out as much dirt as you can and then set it out to dry completely — otherwise, it could foster mold growth. Once it is dry, add about a tablespoon of automotive oil back into the sponge by squeezing it in. This will help trap the dirt. Then put the clean, dry sponge back into the casing and screw it back on.

Replace It

If for some reason, the air filter is not in one piece, it's time to replace it instead of clean it. Don't worry, though; they're relatively inexpensive  Most automotive stores can tell you which air filter you need and show you your options, or you can look it up online. Just make sure it looks similar to the one you had before but new. Then put the new filter where the old filter was, put the housing back on, and you're done. It's really as easy and simple as that.

Of course, if you have an aversion to getting dirty, or you don't own any tools, like a screwdriver, you might want to have a professional change your air filter instead. It is a relatively quick process, and with a professional, there's no need to worry. Just set up an appointment and they'll do the rest. You'll be cruising down the road again on your moped in no time.

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