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50cc Gas Trike Scooter TKA Tadpole Style with Auto Transmission


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49cc Gas Trike Scooter Moped, Auto Transmission, Large 12-inch aluminum wheels, Rear cargo basket

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Regular Price: $2,799.00

Special Price $1,999.95

+ $279.95 shipping

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What is the advantage of having 2 wheels on the front?

To answer your question, we should first define the different three-wheeled vehicle designs:
Delta: One wheel in front, two in back.
Tadpole: Two wheels in front, one in back.

Now let's compare the two designs for a few different desirable vehicle design characteristics.

Dynamic Stability
When a vehicle is said to be dynamically stable it is meant that it reacts safely and predictably under various driving conditions.

When designing a chassis, we can choose how the car will react when turning too fast. One of two things will always happen: either the car wheels will slip relative to the ground, or the vehicle will tip over. Obviously, slipping is the desired outcome. Keep this in mind for the moment.

When the car does slip out of control on a fast turn, we can design it in such a way that we know whether the front or rear wheels will slip first. This is important because if the rear wheels slip first, the vehicle runs the risk of spinning out of control (oversteer). If the front wheels slip first (understeer), you won't spin out and it is easier to regain control. Understeer is considered a safe dynamic response to slipping in a turn and is designed into all commercial cars. Which wheels will slip first is a simple matter of weight distribution and weight transfer.
 The problem for Delta vehicles is how to distribute their weight and control their weight transfer during a turn to avoid undesirable outcomes. If you design the weight distribution for a heavy front bias to achieve understeer, you increase the risk of tipping over. If you increase the weight distribution on the rear tires, the vehicle will oversteer in hard turns. 
 We also need to consider nose-diving, which is exactly what it sounds like. When you slam on the brakes as hard as possible, the vehicle will either skid to a halt or the rear wheels will lift off the ground. This is also a function of weight distribution and weight transfer. It would seem that the delta design has an advantage here because it naturally lends itself to having a rear-biased weight distribution. But in the real world, a hard stop doesn't always occur when traveling in a straight line. If you stop hard enough while turning with a Delta vehicle, the weight will transfer to the front wheel enough (despite suspension designs to prevent this) to cause the vehicle to flip over at an angle. See the Reliant Robin video below. 
Category Winner: Tadpole

 The front wheels on any vehicle provide the majority of your stopping power (something like 60-70%). The delta is at a disadvantage considering the weight distribution issues discussed above and the fact that it has one less front tire to brake on.

Category Winner: Tadpole

The simplicity of Design:
 Steering is definitely easier to design for the delta. No special considerations need to be taken into account to avoid lateral wheel slipping on turns. The tadpole design has to incorporate extra linkages to approximate Ackermann steering geometry, as seen below, to prevent wheel slippage.

Front suspension design is definitely easier on the delta. The best choice is the telescopic fork. The rear suspension design can be any number of options. 
The reverse is true of the tadpole. Multiple choices are available for the front suspension, while the rear suspension is much easier to design (the swing arm being the obvious choice). 
 Imagine designing a toy tricycle for a child. Have you ever even seen a tadpole design for this?

Category Winner: Delta

 The tadpole design lends itself better to the aerodynamic teardrop with the correct length/width ratio more easily than the delta. (The ideal teardrop width/length ratio being 0.255) The image below shows how poorly the correct shape fits the delta design. Plus, you would have to encase more of empty space with the delta.
Category Winner: Tadpole


The delta design has more disadvantages when selecting your drive wheel. If you go with front wheel drive, you risk putting too much weight at the front of the vehicle. If you choose the back, you need to add a differential gear to the rear wheels. Even an electric motor is troublesome. If the motor is on the front, you don't want the heavy batteries up there for weight reasons. But if the batteries are in the back you have to run the main power cables to the drive motor a long distance and through to the passenger cabin. Either way, you have a disincentive to have too much weight on the front driving wheel, so you miss out on potential traction.
 A tadpole with rear wheel drive gets the best of both worlds. No differential is necessary and you can keep a good 30% of the vehicle weight on the drive wheel to maintain good traction.
Category Winner: Tadpole

Conclusion: For most vehicles, the tadpole is clearly the best option on three wheels. However, the delta will always have value for niche applications.


This newest innovative machine packs way more attitude than bikes twice its size. Sure, the thrifty 49cc engine gets you where you need to go and hardly uses any gas doing it. Urban riding couldn't be easier thanks to this CVT automatic transmission and electric starter. And best of all this DF50TKA Style Trike is built tough so it can handle all the bumps and dings that modern life dishes out but does it with a style all its own.

Nothing on the road looks like this DF50TKA Style Trike: First, check out the dual headlights. Oversize tires offer plenty of roads grip the road and handle rough pavement with ease. Minimal bodywork keeps this Trike real. And the low seat and step-through design mean this Trike gets along great with riders of any size.

The DF50TKA uses an Air-cooled single-cylinder 49cc engine so you get plenty of power, famous GY-6 motor reliability, and awesome gas mileage.How far can you go with a little over one gallon? Let's just put it this way: Your coffee budget is probably going to be a lot bigger than your fuel budget.

The new version comes with the new black cushion !!!

Key Features

Engine / Drive

  • Train Feisty 50cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine puts out strong, predictable power with incredible gas mileage.
  • Fan-assisted Air cooling system keeps engine temperatures reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights--for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.
  • Great fuel efficiency -- This moped scooter will get up to 90 MPG.
  • Fully Automatic transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
  • High-performance drive belt & Japanese designed carburetor

Body / Suspension / Brakes

  • Front Disc brake and Rear Disc brake supply strong, reliable stopping power.
  • 120/70-12 front and rear tires with aluminum rims offer great traction.
  • 3-Wheel design provides better stability for this bike.
  • Front forks deliver superb bump-absorbing performance.
  • Rear shock suspension system provides comfort and great ride quality.
  • Note: this trike along with any other trike with front 2 wheels have a stabilizing bar in the front suspension and does not hold its self up need to rest feet on floor when at a complete stop

Additional Features

  • Comfortable thick padded seat ensures incomparable rider comfort and style.
  • Large headlight maximizes nighttime visibility and electroplated headlight housing enhances styling.
  • Bright multi-reflector taillight for great visibility.
  • Electronic fuel gauge keeps track of the gas level.
  • Easy-to-read instrument panel features speedometer, tachometer, battery indicator, fuel gauge
  • The high-quality battery provides durable electric power.

Street Legal

  • (DOT) Department of Transportation Fully Approved
  • (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency Approved
  • This motorcycle is legal to own in the United States. We provide all stickers, affixations, and documents needed to prove that your vehicle is legal. You can easily register this bike and legally ride it on public roads as transportation.
  • MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin / Certificate Of Origin) Included
  • Genuine 17-Digit Factory VIN This Bike conforms to U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). The tag affixed to this Bike shows the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), as well as Date, Manufactured. A Certificate of Origin (a.k.a. MSO/MCO/Manufacturers Statement of Origin) with all necessary information is also included. This is all the data you need to register this Bike with the DMV.

  • Easy to Read Big Cluster
  • Left Hand Control Switch
  • Right Hand Control Switch

  • Scooter Front Double A-Arm
  • Coil OVer Shock
  • Front Independent Drilled Disc Brake

  • Front Lockable Storage
  • In Turn ON/OFF Ignition

  • Rear Aluminum Wheel
  • Rear Drilled Disc Brake
  • Rear Muffler Assembly
  • DOT Approved Tire

  • Rear Basket Carrier

  • Front Dual Headlight 

  • Weight Shift Suspension for Front

  • GY6 50cc Scooter Engine

  • Front Mesh Bumper Guard

  • Manual Choke Lever
Vendor DF-Moto
Shipping Rate 279.9500
Kill switch Yes
Speed limiter No
Tools Kit Yes
CARB Approved No
MCO(Title) Yes
Low Price Guarantee Yes
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