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Florida may not be the hilliest or most mountainous state in America, but that doesn't mean you can't face some intense hills, bumps, and other obstacles on the state's most difficult dirt bike tracks and trail systems. If you're tired of basic, kid-friendly dirt bike offerings and want experiences you won't soon forget, make time to visit these six awesome places around the Sunshine State.Read More


Dirt bike riding is one of the most pleasurable forms of motorcycling because it allows you to ride freely on trails or in wooded areas with no traffic or pedestrians. Dirt bike racing, on the other hand, is a whole different activity as it requires a lot of physical effort, mental strength, technique, and guts. If you're thinking of getting into competitive motocross, follow this comprehensive guide to start off on the right foot.Read More

When you think of dirt bike riders, you probably think of helmets, gear, whips, flips, and dirt (of course). Dirt riding is not all about thrill-seeking. It is a sport the entire family can enjoy. There are also unique benefits to riding:

  • It improves physical and mental health.
  • Its intensity allows you to blow off steam.
  • It's a great family bonding activity.
  • It's empowering and builds confidence.
  • It improves your riding skills.

Because dirt riding is an off-road sport, it also provides beautiful scenery and is usually held in places that offer other fun family activities. Here are five sites you and your family can enjoy the dirt riding thrills with a scenic backdrop.

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Tennessee is more than the home state for country music and the former home of Elvis Presley. If you love the outdoors, it's the perfect place for you. Miles of wilderness and places for hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities are spread throughout the state.

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Your vehicle contains lots of gaskets, and it's important to know how to avoid blowing one, the signs that one is about to go bad, and what to look for if it blows. These are four tips to avoid blowing a gasket.

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Dirt bikes are a blast to ride. You know that already. What you need to know is how to stay safe and legal while tearing up the Minnesota landscape. Luckily for you, Minnesota keeps things pretty straightforward when it comes to statutes about dirt bikes. 

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Nevada is one of the best states for riding off-road. Dirt bike riders have miles of trails to chose from across the state. From Bull Ranch Creek in Reno all the way down to Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed in Jean, the state is filled with opportunities for riding. With all those trails, you want to make sure you are legal before you throw your leg over your bike.

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The Cornhusker state has a lot of things going for it: the largest aquifer, more miles of river than any state, and Spam (the canned meat, not the stuff you get in your email). Nebraska also has some great places to ride your off-road vehicle, like the sandy hills, grassy meadows, and even a great motocross track.

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