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The Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, is one of the most interesting and picturesque places a motorcycle rider could explore. Passing along the California coast, riders will see not just excellent ocean views, but also vineyards, mountains, forests, and more. This is to say nothing of the countless mom and pop shops and curious attractions that line the roadways. The question then becomes, what stops should you mark on your map and make time for? Take a look at these four can't-miss PCH stops for motorcyclists.Read More
The United States, with its variety of terrain types, is a great place for off-roading.Read More

When you think of dirt bike riders, you probably think of helmets, gear, whips, flips, and dirt (of course). Dirt riding is not all about thrill-seeking. It is a sport the entire family can enjoy. There are also unique benefits to riding:

  • It improves physical and mental health.
  • Its intensity allows you to blow off steam.
  • It's a great family bonding activity.
  • It's empowering and builds confidence.
  • It improves your riding skills.

Because dirt riding is an off-road sport, it also provides beautiful scenery and is usually held in places that offer other fun family activities. Here are five sites you and your family can enjoy the dirt riding thrills with a scenic backdrop.

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Who can resist the adventure and thrill of driving dune buggies on the famous sand dunes of Pismo Beach or the heated desert sands of Palm Springs? Some Californians love that thrill so much that purchasing and owning a dune buggy becomes a serious option. However, it is wise to look at some of the laws in California regarding safety to make sure that you enjoy your vehicle fully. 

Registering Your Dune Buggy

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