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200cc Adult Gas Go-Kart Deluxe DF GKA With Auto Tranny/Reverse

200cc Adult Gas Go-Kart Deluxe DF GKA With Auto Tranny/Reverse


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Families enjoy Go Karting and the CVT fun kart model DF200GKA is reliable fun! DF200GKA come with the Reliable Single-Cylinder, Air Cooled Engine. ourDF200GKA will give you an unbeatable price. Some safety features added to this unit includes dual seats with safety belts, make the ride with more ease. Front and rear Disc Brakes provide a better stopping distance and are longer lasting.

Some great features added to this unit includes a Durable CVT Transmission with Reverse handles various off-road grades with a power sports attitude.

This unit is the go kart with all the features you are looking for the hunting season! Built to give you an unbelievably fun ride, and also give all that you would want and need at an unbelievable price.

Available in Colors: Black Black Black

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Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, horizontal type, air-cooled produces superb reliable power for recreational use.

Electric Start: Start your vehicle electrically. Quick and easy to understand.

Safety: Each seat has a three point safety belt. It is more safety than the standard seat belt. Dual Front Suspension: With the dual suspension, you are in for a more smoother ride.

Front Bumper: In the case of any impact; this front bumper gives a better protection to your Go Kart from unwanted damage.

Rear Luggage Rack: This provides an added storage space. Pack it up and take it with you. (Optional)

Adjustable Driver’s Seat and Dual Individual Padded Seating: The driver can adjust his seat depend on his body shape, will has a wonderful journey. Enjoy a comfortable ride. Roomy, nice and spacious cushioned seating for a pleasant riding experience. You can carry one of your friends and others with you sharing the funny. Front and Rear Disc Brake: Another great safety feature. Provides advanced braking, quick and steady.

Frame: High Strength Steel frame is lightweight and features outstanding durability with superior rigidity for superb handling.

Top Running Lights: You can ride the go kart in off road for nighttime jaunts. Great safety feature for extremely dark trails.

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